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Many out-of-state companies provide boilerplate documents to register your business with the state. However, at Adams Law Office, LLC, our highly experienced attorneys not only prepare and ensure the timely and efficient filing of your Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization, but also include statutory language in your Articles to protect your business and personal assets.

The purpose statement of your Articles is an important and often overlooked element that, if not properly drafted, can subject the owners of a company to personal liability for activities outside the scope of their stated business purpose.

Adams Law Office, LLC works hard every day to provide the highest quality service at the best price, so you can quickly and properly incorporate or register your business—saving both time and money!

Top 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Incorporating Businesses

  1. Registering a business as a corporation when an LLC or S corporation would be a better fit, or vice versa (the “one-size-fits-all” mistake)
  2. Inserting only a narrow purpose statement in Articles or Organization/Incorporation (the “short-sighted-and-potential-invitation-for-increased-liability” mistake)
  3. Failing to obtain qualified business start-up advice, such as corporate cautions, do’s and don’ts, and next steps (the “you-get-what-you-pay-for” mistake)

By retaining our services, you can protect yourself from these mistakes and more. Contact our business formation lawyers in Bowie at (301) 900-5940 today.

Your Business Formation Checklist

The development of your business will occur in four major phases: planning, formation, marketing, and company procedures.

1. Planning Stage

  • Name Selection (check availability in-state, nationally, and online)
  • Business Plan
  • Entity Selection — Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, LP, LLP, LLC, S Corporation, Corporation, Nonprofit Corporation
  • Business Location (home, online, brick & mortar)

2. Formation Stage

  • Name Registration (state-wide, trademark)
  • Entity Formation (state and Federal level)
  • Licensing
  • Insurance (state and professional requirements)
  • Bank Account
  • Financing (grants, loans, venture capital, etc.)
  • Equipment
  • Supplies
  • Business Location (lease, purchase, zoning)
  • Internet Presence (e-mail, website)

3. Advertising/Marketing Stage

  • Announcements (publications, personal contacts)
  • Advertisements (yellow pages, other telephone books, newspapers, chambers of commerce, online, flyers, radio, TV)
  • Membership in Business Associations or Word of Mouth/Referrals

4. Establishing Company Procedures & Best Practices

  • Contract Generation & Review
  • Filing Systems
  • Computer Procedures (security, back-up)
  • Accounting & Tax Planning
  • Benefits Plan
  • Savings/Retirement Planning (IRA, 401K)
  • Deposit Procedures
  • Employee Handbook (responsibilities, benefits)

How Much Will This Process Cost?

The following are the fees you will need to pay for any given service:

  • LLC (name search, Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, EIN): $1750, plus filing fee
    • MD SDAT Filing Fee: $232 ($1982 total)
    • DC DCRA Filing Fee: $200 ($1950 total)
  • Corp or S Corp (name search, Articles of Organization, EIN, Bylaws, Buy-Sell Agreement, Stock Subscription Agreement, Stock Certificates, S corporation election (for S corporations only), and Informal Organizational Action/first corporate minutes, binder): $2500, plus filing fee
    • MD SDAT Filing Fee: $252 ($2752 total)
    • DC DCRA Filing Fee: $236 ($2736 total)
  • Non-profit Corp (name search, Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, EIN, Bylaws, Federal tax-exempt application (1023), and Informal Organizational Action/first corporate minutes, binder): $3500, plus state and federal filing fees
    • IRS Fee (if annual gross receipts over $10,000): $850
    • IRS Fee (if annual gross receipts under $10,000): $400
  • Next day delivery: $175

Let Us Help You Get This Right

You can save both time and money by starting your business right the first time. Our experienced business formation attorneys at Adams Law Office, LLC provide ONLINE business start-up services or in-person consultations.

Call (301) 900-5940 or contact us online to get started right away.

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The steps you take today have an enormous impact on the future—for both you and your loved ones. At Adams Law Office, LLC, we help clients in all stages of life, from finding a fresh start through bankruptcy to preparing for the unexpected through estate planning. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you.
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